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Amenities at the Standard Club of Chicago

by Richard Kaplan, Chicago

Since 1986, Richard Kaplan has maintained oversight of numerous real estate investment operations at Syndicated Equities in Chicago. In his free time, Richard Kaplan holds an active membership with the Standard Club of Chicago, which he served as president for two years.
Since its inception in 1869, the Standard Club of Chicago has aimed to provide both its members and guests with a high level of excellence and service. Today, the club attracts community and business leaders from across the world, offering a wide range of luxury amenities to complement the experience of each visitor. These include:
Private event dining
An extension of its fine dining services, the club offers private dining opportunities across its 25 dining rooms. The club’s staff of chefs and caterers works individually with clients, helping them to create customized menus to ensure their satisfaction with each dish. Additionally, staff members assist customers with numerous event design aspects, from flowers to decorations. Overall, the club can accommodate 600 dining guests at a time.
Athletic training facilities
The club’s athletic center offers a number of training opportunities, including paddleball courts, a heated swimming pool, and strength-training equipment. Guests can also take advantage of the club’s personal training sessions, which they can purchase in groups of five, 10, or 20 sessions at a time. In addition to a number of athletic tournaments, guests can participate in the club’s range of recreational sport and training classes.
Luxury guest accommodations
Featuring 60 luxury guest rooms, the club boasts an intimate, comfortable atmosphere and numerous guests services designed to enhance each client’s stay. The club offers standard amenities, such as wireless internet access and free newspaper delivery to all guests. Visitors can also arrange for more specialized services like child care and limousine rentals.
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