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Magic Johnson's Contribution to One Goal

Richard Kaplan, Chicago

Richard Kaplan, founder and president of Syndicated Equities in Chicago, Illinois, spends much of his spare time volunteering and supporting charity organizations, prioritizing organizations that strive to improve education opportunities for young students. One charity that Richard Kaplan supports regularly is One Goal, an organization based in Chicago that provides scholarships and opportunities for high school students in poverty to pursue a college education.
One Goal seeks out underprivileged students with above average GPAs and test scores to join their program, offering them positions as “One Goal Fellows.” The Program Directors assist these One Goal Fellows in applying for college admission and scholarships. This program has achieved great success in its efforts; in 13 years of operation, One Goal has seen 84 percent of its Fellows enroll in college and 77 percent stay in or graduate from college.
One Goal Chicago recently made headlines at its fundraising gala in May 2015, when retired basketball star Magic Johnson surprised the organization with a $1 million donation upon joining One Goal’s national board. Johnson’s announcement at the gala inspired donations from other attendees, including four $50,000 donations. His noteworthy generosity has helped the organization continue to carry out its goals in 2015.                            
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