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OneGoal Holds Annual Graduation Gala

by Richard Kaplan

Richard Kaplan of Chicago founded and has served as president of Syndicated Equities for three decades. Outside of his responsibilities with his private real estate investment firm, Richard Kaplan supports Chicago-based nonprofit OneGoal.
Founded in 2003, OneGoal connects with high school students from families with low incomes to provide the education and resources they need to apply for and graduate from college. For the last seven years, the organization has held an annual Graduation Gala to both celebrate the accomplishments of its student fellows and raise money for educational support. OneGoal held its 2015 “It Starts With One” Graduation Gala on May 5, drawing more than 500 local supporters and business professionals, including special guest and National Board member Earvin “Magic” Johnson.
Through the sponsorship of the Walter Family Foundation and other organizations, the gala featured an evening of fund-raising and student story sharing. By the end of the evening, OneGoal successfully raised a record $1.5 million thanks to ticket purchases, a donation from the Walter Family Foundation, and $1 million in support from Magic Johnson. OneGoal will host its 2016 “Walk the Walk…” Gala at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on May 3.                            
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